Logistics Expert Partner:  Freight Forwarding
and Shipping in Tunisia

MPL has  certainly acquired  the necessary experience to provide logistics support to EPC’s and drilling companies in the North African region, mainly, in South Tunisia and Hassi Messaoud. Our company, specialized in freight forwarding and shipping, aims to guarantee its customers a full visibility of their supply chain from shipper’s warehouse to the final receiver.

What characterizes MPL is its ability to store different kinds of equipment. Therefore, we are capable of offering the best conditions for the pieces we store, no matter their size and their composants. For instance, we offer restorating services for your simple big bags of cement, as well as for your complete oildrilling rig, without having to pay customs duties and VAT. Our warehouses located in Zarzis free zone in Tunisia allow investors to bring their commodity into our warehouse or yard without any restriction of time of storage. Until goods are sold to Libyan or Algerian customers, we can proceed with last mile delivery from our warehouse Zarzis.

As for our freight forwarding services, we essentially generate both Air Freight and Sea Freight operations. Our biggest mission regarding this activity of commodities’ coordination across international borders, across Libya and Algeria in particular, is Sea Freight. We conduct a vast range of operations within this activity, such as heavy transport engineering and sandblasting . Additionally, we partner with all airlines that land in Tunis Carthage airport in order to ensure a safe and a high-quality transit for them and their passengers.

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The International Air Transport Association represents about 265 airlines in over 117 countries and work closely with freight forwarders.

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International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations representing today an industry covering approximately 40,000 forwarding and logistics firms, also known as the “Architects of Transport”

Freight Forwarding and Shipping Professionals

MPL’s qualified team of freight forwarding and shipping is at your disposal 24/7. Accordingly, our warehouse  Zarzis is always accessible
to all our customers. We have the right expertise and the ultime knowledge to support all your needs and requirements.