Professionals of Heavy Transport Engineering Tunisia 

Our skilled staff base their work on scientific and well-messured approach to deal with projects, especially the challenging ones. In fact, the project solutions are created by a team of certified professional engineers and experienced craftsmen. This team of professionals partner to design, fabricate, and test virtually anything required for a project. In case civil work is to be done, we also have our own team that is capable of making all kinds of construction and bypasses after obtention of necessary agreement from the Tunisian state.

Transport Engineering Services in Tunisia

Nowadays, many major Businesses and trading projects involve the movement and the transport of equipment and cargoes. Most likely, such properties with a high value are large and heavy. And for this reason, they demand an experienced staff in heavy transport engineering. Hence, at MPL we have qualified  engineer who are always ready to assess all customer needs and provide accurate itinerary of heavy and out of gauge cargo. Certainly, these transports require careful planning to mitigate the risks and ensure that the project does not suffer delays due to damage incurred during the operation. And this is exactly why MPL’s team of professionals support these projects by using our extensive experience in heavy transport engineering in Tunisia to anticipate, identify, mitigate, manage and solve all possible risks.

Safe and Secure Heavy Transport in Tunisia

A method statement is also prepared for every project in order to assure the best conditions for cargoes of our customers . And since health and safety are of utmost importance and coordination, we work on securing the work environment for our team. On the other hand, preparation and coordination with electricity team is also part of covoy responsibilites. We also take in charge getting the necessary authorization from ministry of equipment and infrastructure. We are also dedicated to provide all needed data in a simple and easy way that make all big cargo seems trouble free.