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Sea Freight Tunisia | MPL

Sea Freight Tunisia MPL | Fright Forwarding - Air Frorwarding

MPL has been actively present in different Tunisian ports for several years. Our great expertise and our extended knowledge in  freight forwarding in  Tunisia enable our team to offer  a high-quality logitic services to foreign and local customers and partners  for their destinations all over the world. We provide sea freight and shipping solutions through our global network to move your cargo fast. Our team is available 24/7 to assure you an immediate response that meets your nees, especially at emergency cases.

Air Cargo/Freight: Logistics & Transport in Tunisia

MPL, a company that is specialized in freight forwating created Sea Freight Tunisia division that is based right next to Rades/Tunis port, which is the main Tunisian port.
Team MPL has the right experience and relations with all carriers, in order to advise our customers what is the best shipping line to use, all depending on their needs and their destinations. Alos, MPL is ready to offer support for its partners and customers, in order to meet their needs. MPL Sea Freight Tunisia is able to find solutions for all problems no matter how big or complicated they are. We are always ready to lash and secure your cargo and provide you all necessary that your needs require, such as special equipment like open tops or flat racks.

Providing a valuable category of relaible servicesMPL aims to offer the best support to foreign and local customers and partners for their projects. Our team is composed of professional engineers and technicians apply or their expertise to and secure services. Our sea freight forwarding services are apprciated and praised by a global network that spans forty-six countries and regions. The reason behind our excellent international reputation is carrying out every mission from its start to its end with so much professinalism. Another unique trait about MPL and its team is the way they reinforce their sea freight service Tunisia by linking it with other services such as : WarehousingShippingAir Freight,  Heavy Transport and Sandblasting.

Sea Freight Tunisia MPL | Fright Forwarding - Air Frorwarding

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