Warehousing in Tunisia: Facilities and Equipments

Thanks to the strong combination of both our infrastructure and our team, MPL’s facilities and equipments are always available to our customers. We provide them with suitable and convenient business operations. In addition, we collaborate with various carriers, ports, and agents to negotiate  prices, terms and opportunities. Our expertise in this field allows us to ultimately assist you on choosing the most economical and reliable warehousing, facilities and equipments in Tunisia.

Best Freight Forwarding and Storage Facilities in Tunisia

Nowadays warehousing is regarded as a crucial element in the processes of supply chain locally and internationally. Undoubtedly, the models of warehouses continue to evolve, creating a fast-paced supply chain environment. As a result, entrepreneurs in the fields of trading and e-commerce, small and medium-sized enterprises and freight forwarding companies are constantly seeking to gain more than just a limited place storage. They need flexibility, cost savings, value-added services, improved inventory control as well. And most importantly, their businesses require processes that boost efficiency and streamline their entire supply chain.

MPL‘s warehouse network provides a modern warehouse as well as a performing equipment to establish value-added solutions in logistics in order to meet your warehousing needs. The facilities we offer include:

  • Fully equipped office
  • Open storage space for out of gauge equipments
  • Covered storage space
  • Chemical area storage
  • Washing station for rigs and drilling equipments
  • Maintenance and refurbishing/sandblasting area

Our Equipments for Warehousing Services in Tunisia :

At MPL, we are aware that warehousing is about more than a simple storage action. Therefore, we have a team of experts that masters all what this operation requires. Additionally, to assure the safety, the security and the best environment for your goods, our team follows strictly all HSE rules.

In order to be successful, the mission of warehousing needs to be performed relying on professional equipments. For your convenience, here is the different types of equipments that our team at MPL uses:

Handling Equipment :

  • 5 – 16 tons Forklift.
  • Handling and lashing / securing kits
  • 55 – 120 tons Crane.

Transport Equipment :

  • Flat Bed / Low Bed Trucks.
  • Hydraulic Low Bed.
  • Extendable Trailers.
  • SPMT axles