Industrial & Oil and Gas Service in Tunisia

MPL: Mohab Project Logistics is well-known for its great team that is capable of supporting all kinds of heavy or out of gauge pieces. Our slogan is “nothing is too big or complicated for us”. Therfore, we offer comprehensive management concepts and flexible solutions for all kinds of heavy transport in all fields and industries, including the energy industry. Our team of experts develop and implement integrated, multimodal transportation concepts. Those concepts are in fact designed specifically for the complexities of Industrial, Oil and Gas transport.

Industrial Projects : Oil and Gas Transport

An in-house engineer is also of utmost importance to provide all necessary documentation & drawings, route survey, civil construction, bypass etc. MPL has worked on many projects in industrial energy providing the best oil and gas service in Tunisia. Our expertise will help you to find out the best solution to move your cargo safely and smoothly.

All projects of cargo logistics require good preparation and planification in order to assess all needed services. Besides, the use of accurate equipment and qualified people to handle and follow strict HSE requirements is a must to guarantee a flawless service of heavy transport. MPL has modern and performing tools as equipment as well as experienced engineers and technicians in the field of industrial energy. Our team of professionals apply all their expertise and knowledge to generate effective transport services of oil and gas in Tunisia. Moreover, we also provide our customers with the best services of Shipping, Customs Clearance, Sandblasting, Sea Freight, Air Freight and more.

Industrial Transport: Oil and Gas services in Tunisia  

  • Inspection of the cargo at the pick up site and supervision when loading on vessel
  • Supervision on stowage and sea-fastening
  • Calculation of forces of every piece and provide required lashings and securing kits
  • Provide route survey analysis and optimize it to be used
  • Elaborate a method statement
  • Usage of bonded or private warehouse / yard in case needed by customers
  • Issuance of certificate of origin if needed (need to go through Zarzis Free Zone)
  • Arrange for international insurance of your goods upon request