Shipping Services in Tunisia: Global Coverage

MPL offers a range of international shipping services for all kinds of vessels (from container ships, bulk cargo carriers to Ro-Ro vessels and tankers) and all types of cargo (grains, cement, steel, minerals to crude, chemicals, etc). We go beyond the standard ship services with an extensive range of complementary services covering global and meeting the needs of our customers. Our other services include: Warehousing, Sandblasting, Heavy Transport, Customs Clearance, Air Freight,and more. Whether it’s an entire fleet or a single vessel, our comprehensive shipping agents are always ready to help you achieve your business needs.

 International Shipping Agent

Being a certified shipping agent in Tunisia operating in all the Tunisian territoryMPL can provide reliable services to Business owners and partners all over the world. Therefore, we carry out all essential duties and obligations required by the crew of the ship. What we care about the most is to make timely transfers upon the vessel departure and to be able to provide all documentation and disbursement fees to authorities.

Our Shipping Agent Tunisia takes in charge:

  • Booking vessel in and out of the port
  • Arranging the pilot and tugboat services
  • Finalizing of all relevant vessel clearance documentation
  • Submitting information on crew and passengers to the local authorities
  • Advising Customs of the ship’s arrival and reporting the cargo on board
  • Supervising the loading and discharging of cargo
  • Assuring the safety of containers, break-bulk and bulk liquids
  • Handling ship services including fuel, repairs and maintenance
  • Sourcing of supplies and spare parts

Shipping Operations

MPL’s proactive team of shipping agents work 7/7 and provide accurate information on time. Our missions are conducted and supervised by local experts who have excellent relations with port authorities, making the shipping operations fast and efficient. We essentially dedicate a surveyor to attend on every vessel call in order to avoid possible issues we may encounter with receivers. Whatever your goods are, MPL assures their Safety, security and quality. Please let us know your enquiries so we can provide our disbursement account accordingly.

Every shipping agent of our team has an impressive expertise to supply the vessel with relevant operational information. Moreover, our agent is formed to defend the legal interests of the ship and help in case of a medical emergency by offering complete assistance to the ship’s crew.