Professional Sandblasting in Tunisia

MPL collaborates with well-reputed manufacturers to enhance your assets’ performance and esthetic. Our company, specialized in painting sandblasting, in Tunisia has  gained a large experience in refurbishing and upgrading assets. Our employees are so talented in installing a variety of protective coatings and linings. Additionally, our professionals have extensive experience in commercial and industrial painting.

Skilled Industrial Painters for Sandblasting Services

Sandblasting has mainly two purposes. It guarantees your products both protection and decoration. Accordingly, to get your objects or products ready for finished powder coatings, you need to choose experts in industrial painting. You can rely on companies that provide services designed for painting sandblasting, in Tunisia such as MPLOur competent team composed of certified painters would procure the necessary tools in restoring your used equipment and materials. The sandblasting will take place in our specialized maintenance & refurbishing area in Zarzis free zone. A matter of fact, painting and sandblasting missions have become our core service within Zarzis free zone. As a company and team, we’ve spent several years working in this field and showing a lot of mastery while dealing with products made of different materials such as glass, stone, metals, wood, plastics, steel, brass, aluminum and silver.

Our Mission of Painting/sandblasting in Tunisia

MPL is aware of its Oil & Gas customers’ requirements and proceeds to painting and sandblasting of their equipment while lowering operating and maintenance costs. Therefore, we can take on your project from start to finish without the worry of recurring surface contamination. Mohab Project Logistics company ensures to apply special chemical treatment in order to prevent the corrosion of your pipelines. Since using the wrong particle or process can cause surface damage, our industrial painters are properly trained and experienced with sandblasting rules and processes. Our team of professional technicians follow the established measures of health, safety and environment (HSE) while performing sandblasting operations.